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Navneet Parkash Kaushal

Professional Financial Consultant Professional Insurance Manager Meeting People is what I likes

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I'mNavneet Parkash Kaushal

Profession Financial Service Provider and Insurance Expert

Qualifications: Profound knowledge of commonly used concepts, practices and procedures within the Insurance industry Strong understanding learning methods Strong web-based and classroom facilitation skills Excellent written and verbal communication skills Exceptional ability to be a productive member in a team setting Profound ability to assimilate new information quickly

Professional Experience: Manager Sales and Development of Team Kotak Life Insurance, India February 2017 – Present

Established and designed unit for insurance staff. Facilitated sessions and taught about insured accounts to Associates. Emphasized on value of top member. Trained Associates on cross-selling products. Encouraged customer loyalty.


Professional Experience

2007-Till Date

Designing session for Associates and staff about insurance, planning and long term savings, Products, cross-selling products,Skill Building.

Sessions Provided

2012-Till Date

Interacted with More then 1000 Sessions to employees and other People about Financial Planning and long term savings

Presentations Given

2007-Till Date

Given More then 10000 Sessions on insurance and financial planning, Future of child education and Marriage Planning, Retirement Planning, etc.

People in Link


Currently linked to North India Zone with 100+ Associates, Advisors and Consultants


Customised Sessions

Sessions customized as per current changes and requirements are planned and delivered.

Slide Shows and Videos

Sessions full of slides and videos are delivered for making training sessions interesting with facts and figures.

Friendly Environment

Friendly environment between management, training team and staff members for solving problems of changing financial market.


365x24x7 support is availble for upcoming difficulties and queries raised.


More than 10000 Likes recieved in social media and increasing continuously.

Awards and Recognitions

Advisors, Managers and Associates won multiple awards month on month for excellence on services and sales


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I am an insurance consultant from over 10 years but when I attended a session of Navneet Parkash Kaushal Sir I came to know things and loop holes within me that was effecting my sales previously, as a result my performance is now improved and my I feel more confident now.

Davinder Kumar

Kotak Life

I worked with Mr. Navneet Parkash Kaushal Sir from a long period of time, whenever we go for a sales call I myself feel confident as a master of insurance and sales is with me and results prove better then my words. I still remember awards I won in year 2009 because of your support.

Sanjeev Jain

Kotak Life

There is development in my overall personality, knowledge and confidence as I started attending sessions of Mr.Navneet Parkash Kaushal Sir. Thanks for every help and support you provide me daily to increase my skills and knowledge.

Deepak Singhal

Kotak Life

Navneet Parkash Kaushal


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